Greennovations-Africa (greA.) helps industries, agriculture and other land-use enterprises transition to greener and leaner production, by consulting on innovative sustainable practices.

services we offer.

sustainability for communities

greA. brings cities, businesses and citizens to work together to improve urban life through more integrated solutions.

collaboration opportunities

greA. works in collaboration with communities, businesses, public authorities and international organizations to achieve economic growth, social equity and at the same time reduce environmental risks. We actively engage with our partners through collaborative research, case study projects, inter-active seminars and workshops.

product optimisation

greA. crafts sustainability strategies, fostering industry innovation that decouples economic growth from unsustainable use of resources and emission of greenhouse gases.


Greennovations-Africa (greA.) inspires a transition towards a green and inclusive economy by supporting industries, agriculture and other land-use enterprises to achieve integration, productivity, profitability and sustainable growth.


Greennovations-Africa Limited
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